Thursday, October 20, 2011

Half In the Can (which is another term for toliet)

"To fail to embrace my dreams now would be a disgrace so great that sin itself would not be able to find a name for it." - Werner Herzog, Conquest of the Useless

All the math says we're halfway finished filming and it's only taken 17 months. But I feel that the next half will take longer, even though we should be wrapped by end of the year. By the time the feature film is finished it will have taken 3 years of my life total.

Looking forward to seeing Hidell get slapped around by Amy. If last night's read-through was any indication, R will have fun with it. Glad she decided to come play with us.

J had a good idea about the stoop scenes. I checked it out on my way home and (as usual) she's right.

Next stop: Coney Island, Liberty Island, Manhattan Island, No Man Is an Island and all points in between...

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