Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Two months ago we had the wrap party celebrating the end of photography on "American Bomber." The next night I was filming.

A month ago we had the cast & crew screening of the film. Days later I was still editing.

We shot the first footage for the film on June 6, 2010. Last night, September 12, 2012, I shot the last piece of footage (knock on wood).

I thought doing the research and writing the script would change me. It didn't. It was the shooting. The day-to-day of having to find the words to express my feelings - instead of my thoughts - and having to navigate those feelings with people who are incredibly intelligent and talented. It's like slicing off a limb and examining it from angles you would never be able to naturally. Equal parts terrifying and fascinating.

The journey has changed me. And given the quality of my companions, I know it is for the better.

Next: This Is the Sound of (Not) Silence...

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