Friday, November 11, 2011

Car Crashes & Other People's Garbage

Feed your crew first, then they'll be more willing to freeze their asses off while you try to figure out which unmovable shadow you hate least.

The "meet-cute" (the scene where the romantic leads first meet and either fall in love a first sight or hate each other at first sight) has been done to death. As a writer, I tried to make mine different, which means instead of love or hate, they're practically indifferent to each other. As a director I respect the writer's intentions, but c'mon, we can do better. Thank god my cast are a couple of patient geniuses.

And such patience and genius come in handy when a rear-end collision happens across the street from your outdoor location and you have to wait for the ambulances, firetrucks and police cars to go away. Did I mention it's November in New York. And cold.

However, the Hero of the Night award goes to Jamie, our gaffer/boom op/asst. camera/human swiss army knife for huddling in an entire apartment buildings worth of garbage to work the boom. Her olfactory suffering was made worth it when M forgot she was in the garbage and jumped out of his skin when he saw the mic darting at him through the trash bins.

The Smoothness award goes to BD. In college we'd make fun of his creepy way of walking, but the man IS steadycam on legs. Which will be put to the test tonight when we're shooting in near freezing temps.

Up next: "Amy and Hidell sitting in a tree/B-O-M-B-I-NG..."

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