Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dick or Treat

It was the Saturday before Halloween. Both M and R had to work. It snowed. We weren't supposed to film. But I'm a dick.

Hidell's big moment where he crosses the point of no return had been meticulously scripted, plotted and in all ways prepared. This was the first scene I had envisioned and the entire project has flowed from that initial mental image.

Then, we lost our location.

Without enough time to gather the necessary actors, props and costumes to capture the epic moment of turmoil that I had envisioned years ago, we were given one hour to film whatever we could without a crew or sound before we kissed the location good bye forever.

Stripped of all my pyrotechnics, all we had was an actor in a chair without dialog - and M delivered beyond my greatest expectations. That single close-up of Hidell coming to the inevitable conclusion is so heartbreaking and terrifying that I can't believe I could've wanted it any other way.

Best Halloween ever.

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