Monday, November 14, 2011

Newtons & Coffee

Irony: when you're filming at the film dept. of a major east coast art school and you have to bring in all of your own equipment. Who do these students think they are, using the school's gear to make movies and whatnot?

Originally we were going to film in the summer, so Hidell's costume of t-shirt and jeans was selected. Which is fine, except that we now filming in near winter and the temp on Friday night dropped into the 30's.

Good acting is not about a 1,000 yard stare or screaming "hoo-hah" at the top of your lungs, it's when your body is shaking uncontrollably because you're going into hypothermic shock, but the minute you hear "action" you're as still and smooth as a balmy night in the tropics. M is turning into quite a fine actor.

After working for hours in the freezing cold, fig newtons and shitty office coffee suddenly become the greatest meal ever.

We got to get these exteriors done before it snows. Or the cast catches pneumonia.

Next stop: ahh, um...I'll let you know when we get there...

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